Nobody loves me but my mother, and she could be jivin' me too.”

B/B/ King

Shepard the Breeze

Born in New York City, Shepard the Breeze is a modern take on psychedelic rock. Their self-titled debut LP doubles down on diversity — a combination of catchy songs and mean performances — is rivaled only by their legendary live performances.  From the rootsy “Set Your Sights” to the classic bluesy rock n’ roller “Love Like a Woman”…  Rich instrumental flourishes on the straight-ahead burner “Girl”  add further depth and resonance to the band’s contemporary but classic sound.  Recently returned from an international tour, they will embark another starting Fall 2019.

Tasty Track of the Moment

Sizzle Reel 2018

BOOKINGS: Jay Shepard at 843.532.3537 or